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Reimagine Childhood Podcast

Check out my interview on Reimagine Childhood discussing emergent curriculum and why it is more than a classroom theme.

The Benefits of Boredom

When we constantly fill children's time, we rob them of the opportunity to figure out how to handle boredom.

Child Care Myths

The myths of working in child care. (preschool, early learning center, nursery - whatever you call it. The myths are still the same.

Is your child struggling?

"When children are under too much stress from these many varied sources, they generally can't tell us in words...."

Pre-Writing is Not a Curriculum

Pre-writing is not curriculum. It is playing outside, building blocks, dramatic play, and drawing! Pre-writing is PLAY!

Why does a toddler need to read?

Why do we need to teach toddlers to read? Reading is a process that builds on so many foundational skills that take time to develop.

Go outside and play!

Get out and play! Children need lots of movement and lots of play. As the adult, don’t try and interfere and make it “educational”.

Why do we marginalize care?

It is interesting how care has been marginalized in education over the years and seen as a “lesser than” job. The paradigm needs to shift.

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Early Childhood Speaker and Presenter

Approaching early learning with practicality and common sense.

Follow Stacy for information and reflections regarding early childhood, child development, parenting children with learning disabilities, and education overall.

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