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What should we call ourselves?

Updated: Apr 23

Remember walking into the cafeteria in high school and seeing the cool kids table and hoping you get invited to sit with them? That was this podcast for me!

I honestly was star struck the entire time being included in this conversation with Heather-Bernt Santy, Richard Cohen, Nancy Rosenow, and Carol Garboden Murray. It is a great conversation with such thought-provoking ideas on what we should call ourselves as professionals in early childhood.


“If there’s one thing host Heather Bernt-Santy loves, it’s a nerdy panel discussion! And this one is a good one…including Heather, Richard Cohen (Zen and the Art of Early Childhood), Nancy Rosenow (author of Encouragement Every Day), Carol Garboden Murray (author of Illuminating Care: The Practice and Pedagogy of Care) and Stacy Benge (author of The Whole Child Alphabet: How Young Children Actually Develop Literacy). Listen in as we talk about what we think we should call ourselves as we work with young children–teacher? Developmentalist? Caregiver?" 


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