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Stacy Benge

Early Childhood Author and Keynote Speaker 

The Whole Child Alphabet is a lively and intelligent book that transforms how educators approach literacy. Connecting movement, play, and child-led activity to the foundational skills necessary for early literacy development, The Whole Child Alphabet is a timely invitation to active, joyful learning.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    The Idea
    What is your favorite letter?

  • The Cornerstones of Language and Literacy

  • Learning the Alphabet Begins with Interest and Connection

  • Letter Recognition Begins with Vision

  • Letter Sounds Begin with Phonemic Awareness

  • Writing the Alphabet Begins with Physical Development

  • Alphabet Knowledge Begins with Child-Led Play

  • Moving Forward

  • Conclusion
    Change Begins with Our Pedagogy

  • Bibliography

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