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Stories that Stick Podcast: Supporting Literacy Even When it Doesn't Look Anything Like Literacy

I very much enjoyed being a guest of Laura Shea on the Stories that Stick podcast.

"Both Stacy and Laura advocate for child-led play as a cornerstone for solid foundational development in children. They explore the fascinating concept of how children naturally develop literacy skills, even in the absence of traditional literacy materials like books, letters, and adult-led activities.


  1. Developing the Whole Child: Laura and Stacy share personal insights into the impact of child-led play on nurturing foundational skills crucial for literacy development. You’ll hear anecdotes and experiences that illustrate how child-led play fosters holistic growth, setting the stage for literacy success.

  2. Child-Led Exploration: Laura and Stacy discuss the intuitive nature of children as they navigate their developmental journey, guided by their innate curiosity and exploration. They discuss the importance of shifting perspectives to recognize and value children's autonomous learning processes.

  3. Balance: Laura brings up the delicate balance educators must strike between facilitating child-led exploration and providing explicit instruction to support literacy development. Stacy provides insights into her book "The Whole Child Alphabet: How Children Actually Develop Literacy," addressing the essential need for this balance in early childhood education.

As Stacy aptly points out, observing children engaging in seemingly unrelated play activities, such as hanging upside down on monkey bars, can offer valuable insights into how play experiences naturally support literacy development. It's time to trust in the inherent value of play and its significant impact on children's literacy journeys."

Want to learn more? Check out my book, The Whole Child Alphabet: How Young Children Actually Develop Literacy published by Exchange Press. Go to the links in my bio or visit


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