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The Play Based Learning Podcast with Kristen Peterson

Updated: Apr 26

I am so excited to be a guest on Kristen Peterson’s The Play Based Learning Podcast for a conversation about developing the fundamentals of the ABCs through play! Listen...

"Key takeaways:

1 - Understanding the Role of Alphabet in Literacy: Stacy and Kristen emphasize that while the alphabet is important for literacy, it's just one component among many.

2 - Shifting Perspective on Alphabet Learning: Stacy suggests instead of viewing alphabet learning as a matter of teaching, to see it as a process of development. Children need to develop foundational skills before they can effectively learn the alphabet, and play-based activities support this development.

3 - Encouraging Play-Based Learning Environments: Stacy and Kristen give ideas on how to create environments rich in open-ended materials and opportunities for child-led play. These environments support the development of literacy skills in a natural and meaningful way.

4 - Balancing Play-Based Learning with Curriculum Requirements: Stacy and Kristen acknowledge the challenge of balancing play-based learning with curriculum requirements. Stacy suggests finding ways to incorporate play into structured activities and advocating for the importance of play in achieving curriculum goals.

Are you feeling the pressure that children need to learn the alphabet in certain ways that doesn’t feel developmentally appropriate? Then this episode is for you and the stakeholders in your program."


Want to read more? Check out my book, The Whole Child Alphabet: How Young Children Actually Develop Literacy published by Exchange Press. Go to the links in my bio or visit



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