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Reimagine Childhood Podcast

assessments' (Pelo & Carter, 2018). There is a time and place for adult-guided,

playful activities in the classroom. Ideally, these are developmentally appropriate

activities and they do not overrun the daily schedule. One guideline is that

every minute the adult uses for instruction should be 'paid back' to the child

I had the pleasure of joining Monica Healer, Executive Director of the Early Childhood Christian Network, on the Reimagine Childhood Childhood Podcast. We had an in depth conversation looking at child development vs school readiness. You can listen to the episode, "Prioritizing Play: Unpacking School Readiness vs. Child Development" here!

Our talking points include debunking the four early childhood myths I state in my book:

  • The myth of school readiness

  • The myth of the teaching day

  • The myth of prepackaged curriculums

  • The myth of earlier is better


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