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EYTV y'all!

Updated: May 6

I got to go across the pond... virtually! Thank you to Kathy Brodie for having me as a guest on EYTV and giving me the opportunity to discuss my book, The Whole Child Alphabet, and how young child actually learn literacy! You can watch the episode here!

Discover a revolutionary approach to early childhood education that nurtures the whole child. The Whole Child Alphabet provides an innovative framework for supporting every aspect of a young learner's growth and development. In this enlightening session, you'll gain powerful insights to help children flourish.

In this session you'll:

  • Explore the 26 holistic learning traits that foster well-rounded growth

  • Understand why conventional Letter of the Week curricula fall short

  • Learn how to create an environment that engages all of a child's capabilities

  • Gain strategies for integrating key skills like emotional intelligence

  • Uncover the surprising benefits of teaching the "Whole Alphabet" for literacy


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