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Loose Parts: Simple Materials, Big Outcomes

Free Training!

My gift to you! A free, 30-minute video training on Loose Parts! Go to the Free Training page to access the video, handout, and certificate. Enjoy!

Training description: Loose parts! Simple, movable, open-ended, engaging, imaginative, and creative materials that produce major outcomes! Discover the endless possibilities and benefits of implementing loose parts into your classroom and outside on the playground. Devise an action plan to assist you in gathering loose parts using the support of your school and your classroom families. Need help explaining to parents? Learn key points to present when enlightening all stakeholders about the splendor of loose parts!

Please note: This is a video training featuring Stacy Benge. Participant agrees to provide certificate in good faith of completing all of the required components. It is up to participant to add any additional information needed to meet standards of regulating agencies. It is recommended to complete the suggested reflection questions provided as well as attach a copy of handout notes to the certificate. Responsibility of certificate validity relies on participant. Stacy Benge is not responsible for any fraudulent or misuse of certificates.

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