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pre-writing is not a curriculum

Children learn to write through child-led play! All types of play!

"Play does not have to connect directly to a literacy-based activity, to support play. In fact, a child cannot play without building skills that will support them when it comes to reading and writing." ~ Stacy Benge, The Whole Child Alphabet: How Young Children Actually Develop Literacy. (Exchange Press)

This past week, I was a guest on The Sizzle Morning Show on KLVQ FM in Athens, TX, where I discussed my book. The focus of the conversation was how child-led play is essential for early literacy development - even if it is not labeled as a literacy activity. If you want to listen to the conversation, you can find it here!

The foundations of literacy develop when children are playing, running outside, building blocks, playing pretend. These are the experiences that prepare children for writing!


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