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Writing on Children's Drawings?

Let’s respect children’s drawings. Yes, it is important to write what they say about it, but refrain from doing so on their paper unless they give you permission.

“When a child shares their drawing, reply with, “Can you tell me about this?” The question gives them control of the situation. If they say yes, let them tell you all about it. Then proceed to ask, “Do you want me to write what you’re saying?” If they say yes, ask, “Do you want me to write this on your paper or on a separate sheet?” This is the child’s creation; therefore, we may not write on their paper without their permission. (This includes their name.)”
~ Stacy Benge, The Whole Child Alphabet Learn more in the book, "The Whole Child Alphabet: How Young Children Actually Develop Literacy" by Stacy Benge, published by Exchange Press.

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