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Does crawling matter?

Does crawling matter? Absolutely! It is not just a benchmark before a child walks. Crawling is critical in children developing their brains and their bodies. So, get babies out of their containers and put them on the floor to move around and crawl. Design an environment where toddlers and preschoolers can play on the floor. This is a great way for them to naturally crawl around. Find opportunities during music and movement or transitions for older children to crawl. It is needed and it is essential!

BTW - the American Occupational Therapy Association release the following statement in response to the CDC and AAP removing crawling as a milestone:

"Crawling is a complex skill that should be assessed by health care professionals. Occupational therapists will continue to assess children’s crawling with standardized screening and evaluation tools. The CDC Developmental Surveillance Milestone Checklists are meant to be used by parents and caregivers and do not require special training. Developmental Surveillance Milestone Checklists do not replace the need for formal developmental screening and evaluation tools by occupational therapists and other skilled health professionals."

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