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Does Crawling Matter? Free 30 Minute Training

Does crawling matter? Is it an important milestone? Is it okay if children skip crawling and go straight to walking? Who do we seek help from if parents are concerned about children’s crawling patterns? Join Stacy Benge in a conversation with pediatric occupational therapist Dr. Emily McGahey answering these questions and discussing the importance of crawling for physical, sensory, and overall child development.

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Does Crawling Matter? Free Training: Video


Please note:

Stacy Benge is not responsible for fraudulent or misuse of certificate. The participant provides it in good faith.

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Early Childhood Speaker and Presenter

Stacy approaches early learning with practicality and common sense. Her passions include whole child development, physical development, language development, emergent literacy, and child-led play to build solid foundations for school and life success.

Stacy's presentations stand firm on the truth that children learn best through authentic, simple experiences. Professional development trainings include learning the fundamentals of child development alongside strategies and practical applications for encouraging child-led play in the early childhood classroom. Sessions conclude with details on broaching conversations with stakeholders concerning the development of the whole child before introducing academic concepts. 

All topics and presentations suitable for administrators, educators, teachers, caregivers, and para professionals working in public schools, private schools, preschools, child care, and early learning centers serving young children ages birth to five. 

Stacy is available for keynote and conference presentations. Located in Texas, she presents locally, nationally, internationally, and virtually. Connect for information regarding speaking engagements and presentation descriptions.

Does Crawling Matter? Free Training: Welcome
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